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Moog discontinue much-loved Moogerfooger pedals

The popular effects units are being discontinued from their factory in North Carolina…

Moog Music have discontinued their beloved Moogerfooger effects pedals after a 20 year production run. The popular units that included CV control and some classic Moog components are now being built as a limited run until the components run out. The pedals were inroduced by Bob Moog in 1998 and gave affordable access to classic Moog sounds like their phaser, ring modulator and classic filter. 

They became popular for their ability to be modulated via CV, creating a semi-modular effects setup with 20 different variations on the Moogerfooger design making their way to market. If you want to get your hands on a Moogerfooger before prices rocket on eBay, they'll be available via retailers while stocks last. 

If you wanna get your hands on Moog's latest hardware, London's free music technology conference We Are Robots will have plenty to play with while their new Grandmother synth offers the classic semi-modular options.