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Moog have reintroduced a rare modular synth

The IIIP is limited to a run of 40 units…

Moog have brought back a classic modular unit from their repertoire called the IIIP. The synth is made up of three sections, each featuring rare and classic modules based on the schematics of the original device released in the 1960s.

Moog re-introduced the legendary IIIC last April, after they brought back the Keith Emerson Moog Modular system at an eye-watering $150,000. The IIIP won’t set you back quite as much, although it’s still going to cost $35,000 and is currently on pre-order.

If that’s out of your budget, their new drum machine and sequencer DFAM is available for a friendlier price point. For even stricter budgets, maybe stick to this LEGO Minimoog