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More Music for Your Money

With Top 100 DJs sponsors Trackitdown

Download store are launching a radical new way to buy more of the latest tunes. Designed specifically for DJs, it offers substantial discounts for regular music buyers but crucially, without the record labels losing out.

An innovative hybrid of club membership and subscription, Pros pay £10 a month and can then buy all their music at cost price. That means the average WAV drops from £1.75 to £99p and MP3s £1.49 down to 79p, which quickly tots up to a major saving.

TID proprietor and DJ Ed Real says, “DJs often complain they have to delete great tunes at the checkout because they’ve simply gone over budget. TID Pro means their money goes much further. So it’s great for DJs who get lots more tunes to play, great for artists as they sell more and our unique model means labels don’t take a knock either. We feel this is a ground-breaking development for the music industry.”

To put it into perspective, a DJ currently spending £12.50 a week on tunes could save enough to buy 17 more tracks a month, making this a very attractive offer to anyone who takes their music buying seriously.

See for full details and get your first month of TID Pro access free when you vote in the Top 100 DJs Poll.