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Check out Rane's all new top flight MP2015 Rotary Mixer

Incoming direct from NAMM LA is news of Rane’s newest top end mixer, the MP2015. The Rane MP2015 draws inspiration from the classic rotary mixers from yesteryear that adorned many legendary dance clubs.

The MP2015 is a thing of beauty with its wooden side panelling, black minimal styling with custom made silver rotary knobs, it's an example of retro-futurism at its best. Harking back to the style of mixers that legendary DJs plied their trade on, the MP2015 whilst looking retro is packed full of top end circuitry, dual USB sound cards with ‘top of class’ componentry that ensures that this mixer will deliver only the highest quality of sound, Rane is known for its top quality sound delivery and the MP2015 takes it to another level.

Complete with Isolator section with adjustable crossovers as well as an additional submix section for extra sound modulation this mixer delivers the ultimate in mix propositions. Welcome to the rotary mixer revival.

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