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Mr. INTL next release

Mark Pistel releases his first record under Mr. INTL

After a long-serving pivotal membership of of the industrial collective Meat Beats Manifesto and Consolidated, Mark Pistel releases his debut record under MR. INTL.

Collaborating with Meat Beat Manifesto main man Jack Dangers and Ben Stokes, who as DHS released 'House of God', the trio's similar musical backgrounds mean they share a similar approach to the music they love to make. The outcomes are the track 'Solus' and 'Thats What I Like'.

Mr INTL was set up by Andy Butler, central figure of musical project 'Hercules and Love Affair', with the intention that: ''I dont want anything that sounds pre '85 or post '94''.

'Solus/Thats What I Like' will be available exclusively via Beatport on 4th April 4th.

Listen to the tracks here:

MarkPistel/JD&DHS by casio1988