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Mr Oizo's 'Rubber'

The world’s first tyre vengeance flick

If you haven't heard of 'Rubber' catch a special preview screening at The Ritzy, Brixton on Friday 8th April. If you cant make the preview screening, don't worry because it's also available to purchase from all good retailers on DVD, Blu-Ray and EST on the 11th April

Directed by Quentin Dupieux, aka the legendary Mr Oizo, and with a score from Gaspard Auge of Justice, as well as Mr Oizo himself, the film beams originality.

Suffice to say it involves a tyre called Robert who comes to life in the desert, discovers he has psychic powers and uses these to blow people's heads up.

Whether Roberts become as popular as Flat Eric remains to be seen but the film is as grippingly weird as we've come to expect from the imagination of Mr Oizo.