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The freakishly good Music For Freaks is back!

The Freaks — AKA Luke Solomon and Justin Harris — confirm the return of their prolific '90s/'00s imprint, Music For Freaks, with a killer first EP titled ‘Let’s Do It Again Part 1’, which includes remixes from Tuff City Kids and Ricardo Villalobos.

Music For Freaks ended their original existence back in 2009, having amassed a vibrant array of releases during a decade where the model of the music industry was changing fast.

Justin Harris, one half of The Freaks, said, “The time seems right for Music For Freaks to be appreciated for what it is again. The label was always about trying to do something different when the mainstream of house was getting a bit 'samey'. There's so much 'noise' in the industry at the moment and a lot of it sounds exactly the same.”

It’s with this feeling that Music For Freaks had to be revived, and it’s an exciting start. The inimitable Ricardo Villalobos breathes some minimalist groove in to ‘The Man Who Lived Underground’, Tuff City Kids afford Turner’s ‘Been Out’ some much needed low-end kick below the airy vocals, whilst Solomon and Harris renew their Freaks alias for a refreshing edit of ‘Instrument’.

Keep your ears pricked for more weirdly good output from MFF.

Freaks 'Let's Do It Again Part 1' will be released on Vinyl August 24th, with the full digital release September 25th on Music For Freaks.