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We caught up with Eats Everything on his first time visiting the White Isle...

My first time in Ibiza was the summer of ‘97 or ’98…I can't really remember which! Let’s just say my friend and I made the mistake of getting a bit carried away before the flight took off and spent the entire flight bouncing off the walls! Anyway, we finally made it and went straight to Manumission where a lot of my friends were workers. So we just partied loads and had a lovely time. 

The next day we went to Space and I saw what I still regard as the best DJ set I have ever seen, by Thomas Bangalter on the old Space terrace. It was an absolute master-class of DJing and record selection that culminated in Bangalter picking up the mixer and using the feedback of the phono leads from one of the decks to create a bassline. Utter madness!”