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We caught up with Richy Ahmed to chat about his first time on the White Isle...

The first time I came to Ibiza was on a lads’ holiday. It was 2001 and there were 15 lads from South Shields on holiday, all staying in an apartment at the back of San Antonio. We’d always loved partying but at that stage we still hadn’t really got into house music, so Ibiza was my first proper experience of it all. We basically went to every single club on the island — and made a point of doing so. We went everywhere, just to experience everything.

We went to the foam party at Eden, to Es Paradis for Clockwork Orange and to Pacha. I went to Space four times in one week! Then there was! But as soon I got to DC10 I knew it was the place for me. I just couldn’t get enough of it — it was complete debauchery. One of my mates even went out for four days at a time that week. Oh... and we made sure to get leathered in the West End too!”