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Check out Native Instruments' new Stem audio format

It's not all play and no work at WMC (Winter Music Conference) in Miami as Native Instruments unveiled a new audio file format for DJs and producers. Stems is a new, multi-channel audio format that allows DJs and live performers to interact with different musical elements of a track independently by accessing four different ‘stem’ parts such as the bass, drums, melody or vocals.

Stems can also create new revenue streams for music labels and online retailers, selling these vital bits of audio information to DJs and producers in order for them to be able to enrich their sets.

Developed by one of our favourite hardware and software companies Native Instruments, Stems is an open file format designed to benefit the entire music industry.

Stems will require Stem-supported software and hardware which will start flowing through from June 2015, with NI’s Traktor being one of the first to be updated so that DJs can take full advantage of this new file format.

Watch this space as we continue to update as the official release date draws nearer.