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We asked various DJs for their World Cup predictions...

Who do you want to win the World Cup? 
“We're Aussies but we live in London and Ibiza, plus we spend a lot of time in Los Angeles... so, based on that, we would be happy if Australia, England, USA or Spain won. Or even the home team — Brazil!”

Who's going to win the World Cup?

“We know how excited the Brazilian people are for this summer, so it would be nice for them to win. We have played some incredible shows in Brazil over the past few years and have made many friends there too so, based on the potential celebration that will take place if it happens, it would be nice to see Brazil on top. We would love to be there to experience that!”

Standout World Cup memory?
“Living in London for our first World Cup was such a memorable experience. It was summer time and there were parties everywhere — at people's houses and in all the pubs. The energy on the streets was insane. I remember one day when Italy won and we were at our friend's place, who was Italian. That night we all went out in Soho and saw so many Italian flags.”

Who should DJ before the World Cup Final?

“We just did a remix for the Fatboy Slim World Cup compilation, so we would love to see him play it out before the game kicks off!”