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This new Ableton Live plugin will troll your mix

Really Useful plugins also features a max for Live device that ruins your track…

A new range of Ableton plugins from Really Useful Plugins are designed to ruin your mix, troll you with insults and generally cause chaos in your set. With their tongue firmly in cheek, the nine plugins included in the Really Useful bundle include instruments, audio devices and MIDI devices that insult you, provide passive aggressive feedback on your music and fill the screen and audio with annoying bee sounds. 

We're not really sure why you'd want to endure the fairly annoying range of plugs, but maybe Ableton telling you you're using 'too much fucking reverb' it's what you need to snap out of a creative slump? Either way, they're free – grab em here. If you still haven't dived into Max 4 Live it comes with the Suite version of Live 10 and if you're inspired by the wild and whacky world of Max, Ableton's Loop Summit in LA is just around the corner.