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Pioneer release the NEW DDJ-SX2 Serato DJ Controller..

The DDJ-SX2 does have some brand spanking-new features over the original SX controller. However, this new version is more of an evolution of the DDJ-SX rather than being a different monster altogether.

The DDJ-SX2 is now fully DVS compatible, DJs now have the ability to use their turntables or CDJs players with Serato as well utilising the inbuilt controller functions, a feature that was missing from the original unit. One new area that will be welcomed by users of the new Serato DJ 1.7 upgrade is the ability for the new Flip expansion to be controlled directly from the SX2, as it has dedicated controls for this new feature built into the hardware.

The four-channel mixer section remains largely unchanged on the SX2, the banks of eight performance pads on each deck section remain. There is an upgrade to those gorgeous jog-wheels which now come complete with CDJ-style LCD displays in the centre.

All the new features that can be found on the DDJ-SX2 are enhancements to the original such as multi-colour backlit LEDs behind each trigger pad. The jog-wheels have improved performance in terms of latency and responsiveness, digital cue-point markers as well as countdown timers for loops, tracks and flip mode. All these elements take what was a great controller in its original guise and make it, potentially, one of the best and fully-loaded controllers in its price range for Serato DJ.