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The next Grand Theft Auto, based on running a nightclub, is out next week

The Black Madonna, Dixon, Solomun and Tale of Us treat Los Santos to their talents...

The Black Madonna floors a cop with a nifty right hook in the new trailer for After Hours, an update to Grand Theft Auto Online that lets gamers operate a “top-shelf” nightclub in Los Santos.

The Black Madonna said on Instagram that she was “blown away” by the 68-second trailer, which comes ahead of the release of After Hours on 24th July.

“It’s so surreal seeing yourself in a game of this calibre,” she said. “I can say this experience was nothing short of incredible. From the motion capture and acting process, to having my face mapped and fully entering this world. 

“It was just as much fun as you’d think it was, stepping outside my reality and into the fantasy of GTA. I can’t wait to play the game with all of you and see what happens next!”

Dixon, Solomun and Tale of Us also feature in After Hours, which will allow gamers to partner with impresario Tony Prince to open a night club and “use it as a front for the most concentrated network of criminal enterprise ever to hit San Andreas”.

The Black Madonna was a DJ Mag UK cover star in March 2018. In her interview she talked about everything from the impact of Donald Trump to misogyny in club culture. 

Watch the trailer for the game below.