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Nice one, Dave

Dave DK closes the gap between house and techno on new album

Mood Music man Dave DK - aka David Krasermann - has perfectly captured the current trajectory of house music with his new album, 'Light and Colours', out now.

First appearing in 2000 with debut album 'Sensory Overload', Dave's returned to the fray with a fresh new sound, balancing house and elements of techno to get the dancefloor bumping. First single 'Sweet Yellow' has been getting everyone from Ben Watt to Tiefschwarz excited.

"The aim was to close the gap between techno and house and for years I have been working on this," DK asserted. "I'm actually coming more from the house side, but I like techy stuff too so I'm always working on this as well to get a good combination.

"The deep house aspect is coming back, so much, in all the productions, so I've gone down this route to reach more people than ever before." Dave's also expanded his musical palette on 'Lights and Colours' to include vocalists, working with The Tape's Ira on 'Fading Lights'.

"She wanted to add me as a friend on Myspace. I saw that she sang with The Tape, who I really like, but I didn't know it was her voice. I sent her a message asking her if we could do some music. It's funny; we still haven't met yet. We were communicating with emails, sending each other stuff," DK remarked.

There are more projects in the pipeline too, with the producer hooking up with album collaborator Holger Zilske (Smash TV) for 'Detox' on Parisian label Dialect's Battle offshoot, while remixes of Clear Factor and Tigerskin, on Baalsaal and Absurd respectively, drop soon.