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Chris Coco's new comp is ideal for that post-club ride

Many clubbers have sat on a night-bus at some point, feeling a little bit the worse for wear as things start going a bit wonky. Listening to slightly chilled-yet-slightly wonky music on headphones can make the journey pass more pleasantly, and this was the concept that DJ/producer Chris Coco had for his first 'Night Bus' compilation for Melodica Records.

“It started off as a vague art idea but has turned into a new direction for my label,” Chris tells DJ Mag. “Most of the artists here will do EPs in the coming months, and quite a few of them have the potential to develop into proper players.

“It's atmospheric, ethereal, ambient, modern music with just enough drive to get you home,” Chris continues. “It's music to help you stare out of the window and notice the little details that make the ride kind of special. It's music to take you there and help you feel like you are somewhere else.”

A mixture of post-dubstep, ambient electronica and dreamy cinematic soundscapes, 'Night Bus' is great headphones music. Chris talks DJ Mag through the artists involved.

“Jamie Isaac's lead track 'Softly Drowning Seas' showcases his beautiful vocals as well as his keys playing,” he says. “Ojan is the main man in Melodica's key band Haraket, and also a talented producer making trademark post this and that electronica. DJ/producer Mokadem is currently the DJ element in new chanteuse Syron's live shows.

Haraket are like A Certain Ratio-meets-Portishead in the Greenwich foot tunnel. Deekie, Mr L and Neets, make [Wisconsin psychedelic dub/pop band] Peaking Lights sound mainstream, and Malarkey occasionally emerges from his home studio to deliver some woozy, deep, horizontal hip-hop.”

Night Bus is out now on Melodica. Buy on iTunes.