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Questions Top100 DJs 2013 - admin - 2015-06-30 17:18

“Hard EDM.”
Best known for: 
“'So High'/'Get Loose'.”
Tune of the year: 
“'Get Loose'.”
“It's a demand and supply situation. If the quality is above standard, then there is a high demand for a certain DJ.”
Have DJs' fees got out of hand?: 
“I don't know if such a comparison would make any sense.”
Has dance music become the new pop?: 
“For sure something that can fly and not low on the food-chain.”
If you could be any animal, what would you be?: 
“Whatever they feel like.”
Should DJs do "heart hands": 
“I don't think so. There is no such thing as acting to be a good role model. They should just be themselves and only speak their mind about topics when they truly mean it.”
Do DJs have a duty to speak out about drugs?: 
“Nothing more than we already have. Most importantly, a good soundsystem.”

When Tiësto remixes one of your tracks you know you are onto a good thing, and their track 'Get Loose' has been making some big waves for Dutch hard EDM duo Noisecontrollers. However, Bas Oskam and Arjan Terpstra have been operating as Noisecontrollers since 2005 and have plenty of other hardstyle anthems under their belts.

So what makes the genre unique? 
"Most of all the energy," they tell DJ Mag, "you can't stand still on hardstyle."
Citing Technoboy and Zany/Donkey Rollers as being to hardstyle what Elvis Presley was to rock 'n' roll, the duo are yet another breakout act hailing from the Netherlands.

Why does their homeland produce so much dance talent? "I guess that has to do with our history and the fact that most dance genres are founded here," they explain. "Cos of the Dutch success in dance, it's logical new talents are attracted, which keeps the scene alive."
With their jaunt to Seoul being a highlight of this year — "Such an overwhelming city and great crowd" — Noisecontrollers are looking forward to 2014 because "every year keeps overruling the year before"