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Meet Novation's latest box of audio/Midi delights

Novation’s newest box of delights is a one-stop shop for all gigging DJs and producers. 

The Audiohub 2X4 is the result of a collaboration between two heavyweights of the audio equipment world — namely, Novation and Focusrite. Novation have taken their intimate knowledge of studio and touring musicians’ needs along with those of DJs and married their prowess — gained creating fantastic hardware controllers over the years — with the stunning sound quality that Focusrite are renowned for. Focusrite are famous within the studio community for their audio interfaces, and together they've created the Swiss army knife of studio and stage, the Audiohub 2X4.

This is a device that while deceptively simple is actually far more useful than one would imagine, combining a top-notch audio interface with a USB hub.

The Audiohub 2X4 is well built and should easily survive a few knocks, as one would image from life on the road. Novation’s Audiohub 2x4 manages to get the balance between features and portability exactly right, making it equally at home in the studio as it is on the road — without the need to sacrifice quality or features in the process.

The sound quality of the Audiohub 2X4 is truly excellent, especially given the relatively low cost and having an in-built three-port USB hub is a luxury that soon becomes a 'can't live without' feature both in the studio and on stage, especially for laptop owners who find themselves constantly short of USB ports.

The Audiohub 2X4 removes a lot of the hassle involved with setting up before a gig. It is very flexible when it comes to connecting devices and will happily connect to PCs, Macs and iOS devices via a USB camera adapter kit. The design is fantastic, and the additional USB hub make this audio interface very hard to pass up for any gigging DJ or musician.