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Getting green with envy at Numark's new controller

DJs who prefer using controllers to drop their beats now have a new reason to get over-excited, thanks to a rather sexy new shiny box of delights.

Numark's latest onslaught on the world of DJing takes the form of their NV controller, which is a sleek slimline controller for Serato DJ, packed to the rafters with new features and cutting-edge technology. This new offering from the guys over at Numark is sure to make other manufactures green with envy (couldn’t help ourselves!).

The NV is an all-in-one controller with a mixer and two deck sections that bear more than a passing resemblance to Pioneer's CDJ-2000s. Each deck section has a 4.3-inch full colour LCD display integrated into the streamlined chassis, promising DJs the opportunity to spend more time engaging with the controller and less time staring at a laptop screen. These screens give colour waveform information as well as fantastically clear real-time visual representations of Serato DJ's features such as FX controls, cue points and track library navigation as well as spinning virtual decks.

The NV borrows more than a few features from Numark's rather wonderful NS7II controller — touch-activated controls and two banks of eight multi-colour back-lit trigger pads. DJs wanting to get their hands on this tasty new box of tricks will need to wait until autumn when Numark has promised to start shipping units and put an end to the inevitably unbearable wait that many Serato fans will have now that the news of this revolutionary controller has hit the streets.