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NYC's New DJ Bar

New York's new club Element has now opened a DJ bar underneath the former bank venue. It's strictly aimed at underground dance music fans.

New York's new club Element has now opened a separate, intimate DJ bar located underneath the club on 225 East Houston Street.

The Vault opens at 8pm and is aimed at the after-dinner crowd who are also into underground dance music.

Stephen Schwartz, Vault's musical director said the bar will push cutting-edge sounds, and host up and coming DJs.

"Without setting boundaries, we strive to mirror and be a direct reflection of the constituents which comprise the East Village, the Lower East Side and the dance music scene in general," he commented.

Underground Dance

Vault NYC
Vault is located beneath new club Element

The Vault will host its own parties,
and will sometimes be used as a back
room when Element hosts bigger parties.

It has three curtained private listening rooms with individual volume controls, providing the ultimate in segregated VIP exclusivity.

The good news is there are drink specials and modest prices so clubbers can get pissed for cheap.