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Oh my Daze!

Hot Creations newbie Danny Daze looks forward to Potty Mouth Halloween Party

Miami-born, Latino cool cat Danny Daze is a dab hand with a techno beat. Unwilling to settle for the mediocrity suffered by many putting their hands to techno, house and everything in between these days, his recent bout of deep-dirty disco gunk on Hot Creations, Your Everything – featuring the scrumptious deep house boogie of Fall Away From Love on the flip – set the record straight, adding essential ammunition to the artillery of any grimy disco-tech loving DJ running the circuit.

This month, Danny returns to London after recently playing Fabric and smashing DC10 closing in Ibiza to invade Village Underground – alongside Clive Henry, Martin Dawson and Jay Shepheard – for Potty Mouth Halloween on Friday 28th October, so we stopped by to have a chat…

What have you been up to?
“Just staying focused on this European tour I'm on at the moment. Trying not to get sick!” 

We really loved 'Your Everything'. What can we expect next?
“Thank you! I've got a couple tunes I've been working on that have the same dark vibe. I've always been one to go against what people think I'm gonna be releasing next so I'm now deciding which tracks to release.”

How did you come to hook up with the Hot Creations' guys?
“Met the fellas in Miami during WMC and hit it off pretty quick. They are all down to earth and talented dudes, which I really dig.”

Do you have an album planned?
“I have enough tracks to make an artist album but don't think it's the best idea to come out with one just yet. People's attention span has decreased over the years, mainly because of MP3's and how easily you can skim over tracks. I'm gonna wait until I know people want to hear a proper artist album which I feel should include both downtempo and uptempo music… and everything in between.”

Are you looking forward to playing at Potty Mouth Disco?
“Hell yeah! Really looking forward to it! I've seen pictures; the party looks fun as hell.”

Do you enjoy playing in London?
“London is one heck of a place to play at. People know their music and are up to party till the wee hours. Just did Fabric and that was incredible. A true honor to play there.”

How do your sets differ when you play here?
“To be honest, my sets are pretty consistent with my sound. I play the same everywhere I go.”

What can we expect you to play at the party?
“All Gloria Estefan, all night… Forever!”