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Omid shares the music for free!

Omid 16B to release his new artist album free with DJmag

Acclaimed techno and house producer/DJ Omid 16B - most recently famed for his part in DJ trio SOS with Desyn Masiello and Demi - is to release his new artist album exclusively through DJmag.

"I wanted to find new ways to keep myself on my toes and motivate myself," Omid said. "Rather than just putting the album out in the way that you'd normally put it out, I wanted to work with DJmag. As soon as I finish the tracks they're coming out, and I'm really excited to know that everyone is going to have them at the same time."

It was the example of Prince giving his new album 'Planet Earth' away with a Sunday newspaper that inspired Omid to follow his lead and effectively cut out the middleman.

"Prince was definitely an inspiration. When I heard he'd done it with his album, I thought, 'Wow! That's a really great move'. The quicker we can learn how to put our music in the right hands and keep control of it the better, so I'm trying to find a different route, a new way of doing that," Omid explained. "It's breaking new ground, you never know what's gonna happen."

Entitled 'Like 3 Ears and 1 Eye', the new album will be made available as a covermount CD on the issue that hits the streets on 21st November, and is the product of a new way of working for Omid.

"This isn't just a load of tracks I've selected and put on a CD. These are tracks I've worked hard at making," he said. "I want to try and have a set of tracks that you can live with and not get bored of."

Keep your eyes peeled - more will be revealed soon about this groundbreaking first for Omid and DJmag.