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Questions Top100 DJs 2013 - admin - 2015-06-30 17:17

“Trance, progressive, house.”
Best known for: 
“Original tracks, remixes, shows.”
Tune of the year: 
"W&W 'Lift Off!'
“I'm personally trying not to be involved too much in the financial side.”
Have DJs' fees got out of hand?: 
“Yeah. Partly. Actually pop music can be integrated in any musical style but dance music is the most profitable industry for pop artists these days.”
Has dance music become the new pop?: 
“My cat! He spends much more time in my studio than me!”
If you could be any animal, what would you be?: 
“It's part of communication with the people who definitely want to see such signs from a DJ.”
Should DJs do "heart hands": 
“Everyone has their own opinion on this matter. Personally I am definitely against drugs!”
Do DJs have a duty to speak out about drugs?: 
“If someone came up with teleportation someday, I would [request] that in my rider instead of flights for saving time.”

Evgeny Smirnov is Omnia. He arrived in the Top 100 poll in 2012 and since then has been busy expanding his fans across the world from his base in Ukraine. 
"I think dance music is a really important thing that unites young people in Ukraine right now," he tells DJ Mag, although his scope and ambitions mean that he has his eyes set firmly beyond the borders of his own country.

Having been described as 'prog trance', Evgeny reckons "trance is 'music for the hearts' of listeners, so it will always have a huge army of fans," but at the same time he doesn't want to be limited to one style. "I play a lot of trance tracks but I always try to mix [them] with other styles.

For me the main thing is music itself but not the name of the genre," he explains.
With a schedule that has seen him join the ranks of globe trotting DJs, Evgeny is enjoying his travels. "I've been lucky to visit lots of countries and cities this year. But I've been really excited to make my debut in Ibiza this summer!" he exclaims.