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This online museum’s collection of rare synths is insane

The total archive contains more than 60,000 instruments from global collections...

A project named Musical Instrument Museums Online has an entire section dedicated to rare synths, which is enough to make any tech(no) head weak at the knees. 

Items of note include a research synth console made by EMI (pictured above), a 70s drum machine prototype and 60s modular from Moog and a Univox organ. 

Sadly, it’s unlikely anyone will be able to use any of them to master our ongoing 60-Second Synth Sounds tutorial series, Still, with kit like this IK Multimedia analogue model selling for less than £200, not to mention the classic Roland-mimicking TC Electronic pedal priced at £99, it’s not all bad news.  

The digital archive doesn’t stop at keyboards and the like, either. It hosts details of more than 60,000 instruments sourced from collections housed in European and African institutes. Thanks to Open Culture’s insightful article for bringing this lot to the world’s attention. 

Take a look at the full collection here