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Download title track from Sonarpilots' upcoming 'Radar' LP

Following 2008's very well received debut LP 'Mothership', Switzerland's potty cosmic crusader Sonarpilot is back with a heady potion of spacey beats on follow up 'Radar' (out 4th March).

Never known to be one contrained by generic boundaries, it's a steadily paced lunar journey touching upon techno, house and dubstep, which comes with a bonus remix album featuring Trevino, Oriol and Ramadanaman.

In the March issue of DJ Mag (out 28th February), we describe the title track as 'a heady stomp of an Amazonian tribe under the grip of an intense Ayahuasca spell'. It's one of the standout tracks of the LP, so kindly asked the space cadet in question if he'd let us give it away for free and thankfully he said yes. Far out, eh!? 

Words: David Sullivan