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On Bromance Records - plus download free mix

It seems the gods have blessed us and slipped us a little bundle from the future. Brodinski & Manu Barron's label, Bromance Records, has returned in full force with a smack-in-the-face mini LP entitled 'Hyper Reality' from French native Panteros666.

Let's talk about the larger picture for a second, Panteros666 would want it that way. He stresses that his aim is to produce tracks that can entertain both your mind and talk to your body and thus, has given birth to a doppelganger.

The 'Hyper Reality' EP is not just a showcase of his exceptional versatility as a producer but also as an artist, collating abstract visuals from respected artists (Para One & The Aiku) to project during his LIVE show; uniting both his obsession for technology and music. In his own words:

“Each of the 7 tracks from 'Hyper Reality', inhabits a different landscape from the HD digital world I created during the live process. MP4s accompany MP3s on a 60 min techno crusade. Each movement represents an important aspect of what I believe electronic music does to the human imagination”

It strives for a more imaginative calibre of consumer and aims to transport them, alongside Panteros666, to an alternate universe enthralled with kinetic energy. Sound too good to be true?

As a solo entity 'Hyper Reality' LP spans a catalogue of electronica, techno, future-bass and even fusions of trap; its futuristic forward-thinking bottled. The sound itself is ammunition for a physical workout and most of the tracks are not for the faint hearted.

The title track 'Hyper Reality' acts as a slow progressive intro into what proves to be a game changer, sporting '90s rave chord progressions, trippy futuristic synths and vocal samples. It hastily escalates and drops you into the remainder of the LP, taking your pulse rate along for the ride.

Other notable tracks include 'Olymp X', a trance/track hybrid that's bass filled but with more for the melody hungry. For something truly filthy you'll also want to plug into 'Snaredrum Warfare', which does exactly what it says!

All this and more, now available to pre-order here.

But for those of you that just can't wait here's a sneaky mini mix to download:

Words: Charlie Tisma