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Paul Woolford gets intimate

After 'Erotic Discourse', get even closer to Wooly.

We all need a little Intimacy, right? Paul Woolford's new label, that is. The lauded DJ/producer is launching a brand new imprint with his own 'Body Double EP' on 11th June. An excursion into tough, tripped-out techno and mind-mangling electronica, it's a particularly strong first release for Intimacy.
For Woolford, the time was right to unleash his label on the world.
"Basically, I've had a few dabbles with labels over the years but they've always been part of someone else's programme," said Paul. "This is the label I've always wanted to run since being a teenager. I want to make an impact and do something that's lasting and is taken very seriously."

Initially, the name Intimacy sprang from Woolford's desire to create an outlet for all the different kinds of music he wanted to make - something that could accurately represent what he's all about. But being such a music fiend, he was tempted to expand the remit to release other unsigned records by artists that he digs.
"It's kind of opened up a bit," he explained. "There are all these great records and my enthusiasm kind of got the better of me. So I'm signing other things as well, but I'm only going to release music that I fuckin' love."

The Intimacy artwork is going to be pretty special, too. With a blank outside sleeve, when you delve inside to grab the record, you'll see designer and former Output Records head Trevor Jackson's detailed ménage a trois illustration, rather rude, but hidden away.
"Although what he's done is quite a gratuitous image, it's not gonna be stuck in your face. Again that goes back to the intimacy thing. You need to search it out," said Paul.

The man behind the massive 'Erotic Discourse' track has plenty of other plans afoot.
"Next up is something forthcoming from Jonas Kopp. I've done the third release and I've been working on a load of material, which picks up where 'Erotic Discourse' left off really, because it's about time I did that."
With a remix of Spektrum's 'Kinda New' also out there and a smattering of summer festival dates, it's time to get acquainted with Paul Woolford.