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No Dial Tone join the Classic Music family

The latest additions to the Classic Music company are No Dial Tone, aka Norwegian duo Vibeke and Kristina. Their 'Bjork meets Matthew Herbert' neo-boompty house cut 'About You' fits perfectly with the Classic sound, which has been revived recently by label chiefs Luke Solomon and Derrick Carter. Classic was one of the most creative, innovative house labels of the noughties, putting out a slew of fantastic releases from artists such as Roy Davis Jr, Tiefschwarz, Iz & Diz, Greens Keepers, Jacob London, Freeform Five, Style Of Eye, and Derrick L. Carter himself. Most tracks had a particular quirk to them that marked them out, and 'About You' continues that lineage.

“We have many Classic records in our collection, and I think they are all something special,” No Dial Tone tell DJ Mag, evidently delighted at joining the Classic extended family.

Both of these DJ/producers used to be dancers living in Los Angeles back in the day. “We were surrounded by 'real house cats' every night we went out,” they say. “It was a special time. We both love to dance, and we used to dance all night. To continue that moment when your eyes are closed and the fluidity of the music just runs through your entire body.”

Both decided to start DJing themselves, Vibeke hanging out at Doc Martin's Wax Records shop on Melrose Avenue in LA and Kristina being persuaded by a friend. “I never really thought about it much before that, because at that time, my favorite place was on the dancefloor and not in charge of it,” Kristina says. “I must thank my friend for that advice because it is pretty amazing to be able to go so deep into the music when mixing, to look up, and see the crowd loving it as much as I do.”

Now back in Norway and producing their own stuff, they tell DJ Mag they're “inspired by nature and organic sounds. We don't really have a recipe for production we just follow our hearts and work from there.”

They've had releases on various eastern European labels, but after being referred by their friend Jt Donaldson they sent 'About You' to Luke Solomon and here they are with a full release complete with a deep Mic Newman and jazzy Tom Ellis remix. They've got a follow-up release coming on Classic in the autumn too, and meanwhile they're back running their bi-monthly club-night Lipstick in the Norwegian capital, Oslo. “It was originally held in a hidden location, you could hardly find the party as you had to go through long hallways and many hidden staircases to finally reach the party and the music pumping. We had many magical nights, and recently re-opened the club night after having a break for a while. The re-opening has been a big success and it runs two Saturdays every month at Fisk & Vilt in Oslo. Come join us next time you are in town!”