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And rekordbox 4.1.1 update

Pioneer DJ are expanding their range of rekordbox dj controllers with the DDJ-RB and DDJ-RR. The two-channel controllers introduce buttons for new features in today’s rekordbox 4.1.1 software update including Sequence Call, which lets DJs create and save sample sequences, then play them back without touching their computers.

The DDJ-RB and DDJ-RR are also the first controllers to support PC Master Out, for playing master output through your computer’s internal speakers or connected desktop speakers, while using the controller for your headphones at the same time. Both new controllers come with rekordbox dj performance software worth £109.

The entry-level DDJ-RB is all a DJ needs to get started with rekordbox dj performance software, and features a layout that handles like a pro-DJ set-up. The DDJ-RR adds even more features, including the new Sequence Load button to load sample sequences to the deck to scratch them.