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Affordable speakers for DJs

Pioneer DJ have just release yet another new addition to their growing range of DJ products with the S-DJ X series of active monitor speakers designed especially with dance music in mind. The S-DJ X models are jam packed with the latest technology to ensure that the speakers deliver accurate monitoring, a strong bass, clear mid to high frequencies, and a rich stereo sound. 

The S-DJ X series have been optimised to produce a rich bass and a tight, punchy kick perfect for dance music. The S-DJ X series come in three sizes 5-inch, 6-inch or 8-inch woofers to ensure tight punchy sound. And the best thing is the price starting at £129 for the 5-inch up to £199 for the 8-inch version, so won’t put a dent in the bank. The other good news is that the S-DJ X range bi amped active speakers so no need to fork out extra cash for a separate amp.

The S-DJ X make perfect companions for the XDJ-Aero and XDJ-R1 controllers, instant DJ set up with no fuss.