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Add-on controller for Serato DJ

Following last week's news that Serato will be integrating DVS into Serato DJ, Pioneer has upped the game for users of this new platform with a new controller in the form of an add-on unit the DDJ-SP1.

The DDJ-SP1 is an additional controller to be used alongside any existing Serato DJ set up. DJs simply add the DDJ-SP1 to thier set ups that supports mixing and scratching with Serato DJ using a laptop, timecode CDJ/turntables and Pioneer's new DJM-900SRT (Serato Specific Mixer) or DDJ-S1 controller. Whilst we've focused on the Pioneer equipment the DDJ-SP1 can be used with any bit of kit that is already being used with Serato DJ so users of Rane mixers and the rest can still benefit from this tasty new addition.

The DDJ-SP1 comes with pre-mapped buttons and dials to trigger the software’s six samples, eight Hot Cues and over 30 FX developed by iZotope, letting DJs get even more control over the software without the need to touch the keyboard or mouse.

The new DDJ-SP1 looks the part with its sixteen rubber LED dynamic Performance Pads that let DJs trigger various modes in the Serato DJ software – Hot Cue, Slicer, Roll, Sampler, Hot Loop, Auto Loop and Manual Loop. Velocity Mode lets them control the volume of samples by how hard they hit the pads. Plus, precision loops, scratches and reverses are made easy by Slip Mode, which silently continues playback and brings the track back in at exactly the right point once released

Pioneer and Serato are really taking the battle to Native and their Traktor format with this new collaboration with all new mixers and controllers. All in all this is great for the DJ technology market as these three powerhouses go head to head in the Digital DJ Arena and it doesn't stop their as Pioneer have mapped the DDJ-SP1 so that Traktor users can also make use of their new add-on controller.

The DDJ-SP1 will be available from October 2013 for £329 from all leading DJ stores