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Now Pioneer launch a new pair of headphones

Well, even if the rumours are true, Pioneer have not stopped their onslaught to be the dominate force in DJ culture with the announcement of new products that will be hitting the stores from October.

One of the newest releases, which will be heading to a booth sometime soon, will be the HDJ-C70 DJ-specific headphones, expanding the existing range of Pioneer’s professional DJ monitoring headphones with these new on-ear additions. The HDJ-C70s are packed with high-quality audio components to deliver a superb, true sound across all frequencies, even at high volumes — essential in loud DJing environments.

The lightweight headphones feature ‘an innovative sound-isolation chamber, a flexible headband, and rotatable housings to support every style of monitoring’ and dare we say it, the look is very reminiscent of Sennheiser’s rather popular HD25s headphones, even down to the replaceable parts.