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Get the most out of your vocal tracks

At the basic level Nectar 2 is pretty simple to use. Producers open an instance of Nectar 2 either directly on top of the vocal channel or as an auxiliary channel (in the DAW) for vocals to be routed to for treatment. At the most basic and easiest level, treatment comes in the form of a number of presets that are designed to enhance or fix vocal takes, from adding FX, harmony and warping, or fixing bad pitch via the auto pitch functions.

The 150 presets are great for the beginner as they add an air of professional processing to vocals by using various FX methods — EQ, compressors, gate, limiter, reverb and delay just to name a few. There are a whole heap of separate tools that make up the suite, that are available for users to enhance and manipulate their vox audio, from the subtle to the down right outrageous.

For those producers that are quite technically aware, delving deep into Nectar 2 and creating processing chains is something that can bring amazing results to tracks and vocal productions. Nectar 2 comes with its own family of FX, so no need to call up external FX for mangling vox. Overdrive, flange, chorus, harmonizer, repeat section with echo, and stutter modes can all be used to creative effect.

The main elements of Nectar 2 are supplied in a single plug-in, however iZotope has also included Breath Control and Pitch Editor as separate plug-ins — two extra elements that make Nectar 2 the complete vocal editing suite.

Plug-in name: Nectar 2
Developer: Izotope
Format: VST, AU, RTAS and AAX
Price: £199