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'Roll Dope Rhymes' has apocalyptic 28 Days Later-style video

The new track from the Plump DJs, 'Roll Dope Rhymes', ticks boxes across several different genres — from old skool electro and hip-house to disco-funk and bass music.

The Plumps, Andy Gardner and Lee Rous, are calling their current sound 'deep space disco' — it's a nod to their funk-filled past, but with eyes firmly on the future.

Talking of futures, the video to accompany the single depicts a dystopian future. The 28 Days Later-style promo film features a Plumps fan wandering around deserted London streets. It quickly becomes apparent that some sort of nuclear war has taken place, and that the protagonist hasn't been unaffected by the fallout either.

Watch it here:

The Plumps have been easing out their unique brand of inventive electro-funk via various singles on their own Grand Hotel Records in the past few years, in between consistently touring the world. 'Roll Dope Rhymes' is out on August 4th, and a new album will follow a bit further down the line.

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