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Podcast 108: Shinedoe

Intacto label co-founder and Amsterdam techno stalwart Shinedoe steps up with a incendiary hour of propulsive grooves and swerving soundscapes. We catch up with her to talk techno, drum & bass, early clubbing memories and her new label MTM Records...

Since 2004, Amsterdam’s Shinedoe has been at the forefront of the city’s techno scene and beyond, both as co-founder of the Intacto label with 2000 And One as well as through her incendiary and urgent techno productions.

This year, the prolific artist – real name Chinedum Nwosu – launched her new imprint MTM Records to cater exclusively to her own productions, with the formidable 'Mutant Frequencies' dropping in September. Not only that, she has spent the year touring extensively across Europe and Asia as well as making her Detroit debut. As her busiest year to date draws to a close and she locks herself into the studio to prepare for an equally exciting 2019 full of new releases and shows, we caught up with the Dutch institution to learn about her dance music background, her love of drum & bass, MTM Records and the artists that have inspired and continue to inspire her.

She’s also dished up an hour of relentless, multi-textural and swerving techno and electro that showcases her prowess as a DJ with a limitless determination to make you dance.

Hi Chinedum. How’s it going? How has your 2018 been so far? What have been some highlights?

“I am very excited about the birth of my new label MTM Records (Music That Moves). The first release Mutant Frequencies came out in September. This year I started hosting my Music That Moves radio show at Nachtlab Radio Live Stream with local guests from the Netherlands. On the show you can hear a broad range of electronic music: Ambient, Techno, Acid and Electro.

“There are so many tour highlights this year. I played in Asia, went to China, Thailand, South-Korea and Singapore. The techno scene is really growing in Asia, I love being there. I also toured in the States, it was my first time spinning in Detroit. I visited Submerge and had the chance to meet Mike Banks and Cornelius Harris from Underground Resistance crew. I was deeply touched talking to them, and got a tour in the Techno Museum which is amazing to see the history of Techno.

“The festivals in the Netherlands (where I live) are always fun, this year was  Welcome To The Future, Milkshake Festival and Loveland. Last month I was at the Elemental Festival in Colombia, it was a really amazing gig, playing alongside Richie Hawtin. I am really grateful for all these moments.”

How was the reception been to ‘Mutant Frequencies’ on your own MTM Records so far? What do you think the theme of that EP was? Being it the first on a label, do you feel it has a particular significance for you?

“The ‘Mutant Frequencies’ EP had lots of support and good feedback. I was really happy to hear that many DJs are playing it. The title of the EP came after I finished the tracks. If you listen to tracks from beginning to end, there are  deep layers at different frequencies especially on the Mutant Frequencies and Triplex track.”

Tell us about your background in electronic music! What are your earliest clubbing memories? Who were the DJs/producers who inspired you then?

“My earliest clubbing memory was Mazzo in Amsterdam. There I heard Dj Dano playing on his Manic Monday nights,  I went there during my school holiday. He kept me dancing none stop on the dance floor.

“Next to my studies, I went almost weekly with a group of dancers to preform at diverse clubs (Roxy, IT ) and parties.  We danced on Hardcore, Techno, House. My first gig as dancer was at Parkzicht in Rotterdam.I toured for 1 year with Quazar (Dutch Electronic Band)  on the Here and Now tour. Around 1994 I start buying records, my first records I bought was from Orlando Voorn, Nighttripper on ESP. I fell in love with electronic music. It was for me freedom of expression and letting go on the dance floor.

“My music taste is very broad. To name a few dj’s and producers who inspired me: Jeff Mills, Underground Resistance, Robert Hood, Juan Atkins Joey Beltram, Scanner, Plaid, Goldie, Photek, J Majiik, Source Direct, Adam F and Johny L . I just appreciate DJ’s who are doing their own thing.”

Who inspires you now?

“There are many good DJs and producers out there, and it’s hard to say which inspire me. When I DJ and produce it comes from within. So when I hear someone else I can just say he or she is cool. I believe everyone has his or her own blueprint.

“The DJ I heard who did impressed me was DJj Stingray. He kept me shaking for hours, his set is fresh, lively and interesting. Every records he put on was a surprise. I felt it in my body and heart. That is for me an inspiring DJ”

I heard that you used to play a lot of drum & bass. Is playing/producing genres apart from techno something you’re keen to do more of in future? Could there be some Shinedoe d&b EPs/DJ sets on the cards?

“I love drum & bass, around 1997 until 2000 I played under the alias Black Magic Queen. I still have lots of records at home, haven’t sold them yet. In the past I put some drum & bass tracks during my house and techno set. I noticed that people didn’t understand it back then. Anyway never say never, it might be fun to do a d&b set, with the old jewels I have.”

What have you got planned for the rest of the year? What can we look forward to?

“I have buried myself in the studio, so stay tuned.”

Tell us about this mix! What should we do while listening to it?

“A mix of Techno a sniff of electro and house. Enjoy and shake!” 

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