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Police Scotland accused of invasive checks on clubbers.

Scottish police officers forced clubergoers to submit to drug tests before allowing them to enter a venue.

Last weekend, officers reportedly tested 100 customers queueing to enter Club Tropicana in Aberdeen. Those who refused to co-operate were reportedly refused entry.

Clubbers were forced to have their hands swabbed for checks by an itemiser, a machine which can detect the presence of illegal substances. A sniffer dog and a CCTV van was also stationed outside of the club, Daily Record reports.

Owner Tony Cochrane said he was given an hour’s notice before police arrived and begun swabbing people.

“People going for a night out are being made to feel like potential criminals,” he said.

“We appreciate the work the police do but they’re achieving nothing with this policy,” he added.

None of the clubbers swabbed tested positive for illegal substances.

Police Scotland said: “These operations are carried out regularly across the city centre’s licensed premises as part of Police Scotland’s duty to keep people safe.

“They are set up in advance and done with the full co-operation of the premises’ managers and staff."