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Andrew Rayel
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Questions Top100 DJs 2014 - admin - 2015-06-30 17:29

“Trance and progressive.”
Best known for: 
“[Debut album] ‘Find Your Harmony’.”
Tune of the year: 
“Andrew Rayel feat Jonathan Mendelsohn ‘One in a Million’.”
Chisinau, Moldova.
Breakthrough DJ/producer of 2014: 

“2014 has been a huge year for me!” says progressive trance producer Andrew Rayel. The main reason for Rayel’s enthusiasm is the release of his debut album, ‘Find Your Harmony’. ‘EIFORYA’, a collaboration with Armin van Buuren on the album, may have helped to further raise the profile of the record, but Rayel’s impressive touring activity proved beyond doubt that he’s quickly entered the big league.

“I had a hectic touring [schedule] from major cities to festivals such as Tomorrowland, EDC Vegas, Beyond Wonderland, Creamfields, South West Four, TomorrowWorld, A State Of Trance at Ushuaia, and many more.”

But even with all that global travel, Rayel is unlikely to forgot his native Moldova: he was named an Ambassador of Tourism for the country thanks to his globetrotting over the past few years. This accolade was just one of Rayel’s highlights of 2014, as was the travelling that inspired it, along with the release of his debut album, of course.

When asked whether it’s been a good year, the producer’s response suggests that at heart, playing live is perhaps his foremost passion — as well as gaining scene support, Rayel’s tracks have, he says, been “destroying the dancefloor and [I’ve enjoyed] seeing the crowd singing along, dancing, jumping, [with their] hands in the air, which is what I always aim for, as that is what music is all about — bringing happiness to the fans”.