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Daft Punk
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Questions Top100 DJs 2014 - admin - 2015-06-30 17:30

Disco to electronica and beyond.
Paris, France.

Brilliant! Daft Punk are in the Top 100... again! And we're still completely befuddled as to why you lot keep voting for them. Because, wait a minute... they don't DJ! Hello?!? At least not on a regular, 'here we are' basis. Maybe they do the odd friend's weddings or make the occasional 'did they or didn't they show up' appearance. But as a rule they're just not regular DJs.

However, if they were to often appear behind the decks and proceed to ignite dancefloors, perhaps the world would be a much happier place. Imagine that. Because what would they play for starters? Probably the kind of sparkling tracks that graced their 'Random Access Memories' release. But how would they start and finish their sets? We could talk and ponder the fact at many an after-hours session. Did they wear crash helmets for example? What was on their rider? Do they play vinyl, CDs or laptops? Which one do you fancy? Hang on a second, is it really them under the headgear?

So. What did they actually do this year? Rumour has it they showed up and played at Ushuaia. Ibiza went into hyper spin overload at the thought. Even Es Vedra released some spiritual tremors of delight. Something else they did do was to tweak their website from a 'move along, there's not much to see here', to a 'welcome to the big shopping experience'. It's merchandise galore folks! Personal favourites would have to be the belt buckle. Erm, Christmas? Hint hint.

As with all things Daft, it's the rumours that keep us guessing and musing about the duo. Guy-Manuel is said to be working on a solo project with the likes of Charlotte Gainsbourg joining him. Oooooh. Meanwhile the Gallic scamps have given their approval for their music to appear in Eden, a French movie set in the '90s.

Whether they DJ or not, and whether we think it's daft that they keep appearing in the Top 100, it's still an absolute pleasure to have them here. And we'll be keeping our fingers and toes crossed that 2015 will see them touring again. Please. It's all we want in life.