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Knife Party
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Questions Top100 DJs 2014 - admin - 2015-06-30 17:30

So, here's the thing, and it's an official line... “Knife Party simply don't participate in interviews”. Great. But hey, in their defence they've been extraordinarily busy working on completing their debut album 'Abandon Ship', due for release round about now. So we'll let them off. And of course, according to their management, they're “very happy that they've been voted into the Top 100 again”. It's just that, interviews aren't their thing.

Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen are the Australian twosome who in 2011 stepped out of their Pendulum setting and who have now taken their Knife Party moniker onto another level. We're talking performing spectacular, mayhem-inducing live set headliners at Brixton Academy, Ultra Music Festival, the Future Music Festival in Sydney and New York's Electric Zoo. 

'Begin Again' and 'Resistance' are the initial thriving single releases immediately borne from their album. The former sets the tone with a pumping sound that's not dissimilar to our other friends that also play hard-to-get on the interview front (ahem, Daft Punk). 'Begin Again' is a slight about turn from the gnarly, dubstep headbangers that the duo were initially famous for.

But 'Resistance' however, is the monster of a track that gnashes into the kind of wildness their fans will gobble up. In a nutshell, they're evolving and blossoming in the studio. Refining their notorious elements, tweaking and breathing life and space into their new tracks.

The release of 'Abandon Ship' sets the duo on a path to greatness, and it is perhaps their elusive appeal that only adds to this journey.

Live-wise Knife Party's performances have also been chomping at the bit. Their appearance at the supremely epic Tomorrowland this year was quite frankly ridiculous, in a massively good way. Pure hardcore energy and tough-as-nails to the max. With Rob's gravelly voice blasting at the crowd “C'mon Tomorrowland people, are you ready? Let's go!”, what's not to like? 300 flags from 300 countries waving in a sea of fans that are hellbent on becoming stowaways on the good ship Knife Party. Respect.