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Steve Angello
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Questions Top100 DJs 2014 - admin - 2015-06-30 17:29

“It depends on the situation. Still trying to be very versatile. If it's big room, I tend to go more for the emotional stuff than the soulless stuff.”
Best known for: 
“Size Records, and one-third of Swedish House Mafia.”
Tune of the year: 
“Rina Mushonga 'Eastern Highlands (Joris Voorn Remix)'.”
Stockholm, Sweden.
Breakthrough DJ/producer of 2014: 
“Kygo from Norway.”

Since splitting with the Swedish House Mafia, Steve has been directing much of his energies into his label — Size Records. 

“We're in an expansion phase now, I'm just really happy with how it's been going,” he tells DJ Mag. “We're gonna be focusing more on the record side of it rather than the management, to switch it into a really big independent label.”

They did a huge 70,000-people Size in the Park party in Stockholm, amongst other Size parties around the world, which all contribute to why Steve says “it's been amazing show-wise and support-wise”. He also tells DJ Mag how he's just finished his artist album — scheduled to be released early next year. “I signed it to Columbia, but then I pulled it from them cos we weren't really connecting creatively,” he reveals. “So I decided to do most of it myself — from territory to territory.”

Steve says he's worked with some cool collaborators who he can't reveal yet, and that much of it is deep house and arty dark electronica. “It isn't an attempt to create hit records,” he says. “That's been the fun part. It becomes special when there's no expectations from myself.”

An Angello DJ set now spans house, big room stuff, techier material and darker sounds at after-hours parties. “Breaking into after-hours has been interesting,” he says. “The separation is starting — the mainstream is going even more mainstream, and I like the way the underground — the tech scene — is going. I play everything, and more housey stuff the last couple of years, bringing the groove back.”