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‘Sea of Voices’ is the first track on forthcoming "Worlds" LP

American producer-DJ, Porter Robinson may have got his start touring the States with Tiësto for Generation EDM, but his first track off his debut artist album, Worlds, coming via Astralwerks/Virgin EMI later this year has fewer BPMs and more blissful melodies and lyrics.

He took to Twitter Sunday night during the Oscars to discuss the tune as fans expressed their own cyber tears of joy over the new offering.

"I don’t want to be the flag bearer for any genre. I don’t want to change the game," Porter explains. "I really just want to have my own signature, my own sound. I know it sounds crazy, but I want to start my legacy." 

Check out Porter Robinson's 'Sea of Voices' below.

In case you missed Robinson's recent announcement of Worlds, here 10 hours of trippy video that he dropped Feb 10. Expect the unexpected.