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A portrait of Calvin Harris now hangs in Scotland’s National Galleries

Note— it's not this picture... 

A portrait of Calvin Harris is now hanging in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, as the Edinburgh institution pays tribute to the country's biggest electronic export. 

It's the first time an image of a songwriter, producer or DJ has featured at the esteemed address, and was taken as part of a commission by GQ Italia Magazine in February 2015. 

The overall collection comprises around 3,000 paintings and sculptures, some 25,000 prints and drawings, and 38,000 photographs, with Harris the latest addition. The artist just topped Forbes' lists of highest paid DJs on the planet and the world's top-earning electronic musicians

In order to be eligible for inclusion the subject of each item on display must be Scottish born, although the works themselves can be created by practitioners from any country. According to sources at the Gallery, Dumfries-born Harris looks "deeply thoughtful yet poised" in his picture, perhaps considering how his career has gone from bedroom hopeful in 1999 to Grammy and MTV award-winning superstar, £1million Las Vegas resident and Madame Tussauds waxwork by 2018.