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Practise And N Joy!

DJmag team up with YouTube superstar, the DJ Tutor, and here we highlight some of the coolest videos that can be found at


Youtube member DJsfan enjoys collecting records. His first full LP was Parliament's 'Mothership Connection'. His mum freaked when he spent $5 on that!

His music of choice is WBMX classics, disco, funk, boogie, Italo, electro and R&B stuff from early '70s to late '80s. But he listens to just about everything.

DJ Tutor met up with this guy in January in the States and now he is helping to inspire other DJs across the globe.


Youtube User: BrizzyBrizz

Watch DJ Brizzy and DJ Seek put together a monumental mix of full-on drum & bass before your very eyes. It's a flowing mash of hard beats with some ragga thrown in for good measure.


These two guys are showing off their best music. Known as AbstractSteeloShow on Youtube, they put together some really awesome videos.

We love this as it's almost like a TV show in itself. We're pretty sure they'll do requests too!