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Premiere: Amir Alexander ‘Deep Blue Sea!’

Amir Alexander's ‘Deep Blue Sea' is a journey into the depths of classic techno forms...

Amir Alexander has been producing music since 1998. A dedicant to club music in its most natural state, the Chicago native, Malmö-based artist has always struck an on-point balance between classic house and techno forms and forward thinking ideas.

Now, 20 years later, with a string of pristine EPs on respected labels like Argot, Deep Vibes Recordings, HYPE LTD and secretsundaze under his belt, the DJ and Vanguard Sound boss is set to release his second LP.

‘Dusk Till Dawn’ is set for release on 11th May and follows his 2015 debut ‘Love & Fear’. The album will be released via Bristol Label Just Jack Recordings.

The album feels like an odyssey, an enticing journey through the course of a night spent in the club. Flowing through classic house tropes (‘In The Beginning!) and deeper trips, ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ adheres to its namesake throughout the course of its eight tracks.

Following the release of album track ‘Blessed Are The Meek!’ comes ‘Deep Blue Sea!’. Premiering below, the track carries a shadowed, dense groove in its low, mildly acidic lead and its driving percussion. Wielding a loyalty to classic Chicago and Detroit techno mentality, the track feels nonetheless futuristic and fresh. Check it out below.

Amir Alexander will play the beautiful Ithaka festival in a long-abandoned, 9th-century, Arabic fort in Spain this June. 

Pre-order ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ here.