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Black Sun Empire and State Of Mind with a killer neurofunk track

Black Sun Empire, prolific as ever, are back with a new EP - and this time they've teamed up with another group of drum and bass legends, State Of Mind.

Both groups of producers have been making killer neurofunk for well over a decade now and are no strangers to a fat bassline and a sucker punching snare, which they demonstrate with ease in this unrelenting drum and bass banger 'Jack Nicholson'. It seems like there is a multitude of hard drum and bass around at the moment, and this EP is a great example of how the scene is leading the way in production technique and just how many drum and bass producers are nearing that fabled production perfection.

The EP is available from Beatport on the 26th January, take a listen to 'Jack Nicholson' below:

Black Sun Empire:
State Of Mind: