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Premiere: Blackhall & Bookless ‘Voyage’

London-based duo Blackhall & Bookless dish up deep, mesmeric techno catering to dark dancefloors on their latest outing via their own Jaunt Records. Hear ‘Voyage’ now…

Northeast England born and bred but London based, Blackhall & Bookless have been bringing a distinct, vibey techno to clubs both at home and abroad for over a decade now.

Having celebrated the 10th anniversary of their Jaunt party and records label last year with a killer EP, the duo return now with the imprint’s eighth outing. ‘Forward’ is a heady four-track collection of deep, mesmeric techno catering perfectly to dark dancefloors.

‘Voyage’ is a scattershot of jaunty (sorry) rhythm and cold atmosphere. A haunting but resolutely mobile belter, it’s a standout moment on an EP that is impressive throughout.

‘Forward’ is out this month. Order your copy here.