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Premiere: BLD ‘From Shelter To Shelter’

Barcelona techno producer BLD brings the heat on his latest ‘Chamber Trax’ EP. ‘From Shelter To Shelter’ is high-speed car chase with rapid percussion and swerving synths…

Barcelona-based producer BLD (AKA Baldo) is set to release the third EP on his own BLD Tape Recordings imprint this Friday 13th July.

‘Chamber Tracks’ finds the producer on top form, executing his penchant for rapid, high-octane that retains a playful smirk despite its grit. Opening track ‘Radiator’ is a fearsome acid techno brawler that soars with a goofy abandon while ‘Nacre & Gold (Basic Pattern S)’ it brash, minimal affair that frosts over halfway through to great effect.

‘From Shelter To Shelter’ has the feel of a high-speed car chase, or that bit in the movie where your hero of choice sprints through glass panes to hit bad dudes in the head with blunt objects. With rapid percussion, swerving synths and hectic energy, it’s brutal, slapstick and utterly satisfying.

Pre-order ‘Chamber Trax’ here.