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Premiere: Cavanaut ‘Vanishing Point’

Dead Man’s Chest Western Lore label drops its ‘Blunted Breaks Vol. 1’ compilation next month. Cavanaut’s ‘Vanishing Point’ is a dreamy, luxurious cut of atmospheric jungle…

Dead Man’s Chest is one of the artists standing at the cutting edge of jungle’s contemporary movement and, as founder of Western Lore, has championing the most exciting, inventive names in the sphere.

Now, many of those artists are set to feature on the first ‘Blunted Breaks’ compilation on the label. Set to drop on 7th September, the comp features 12 fresh cuts from artists like Coco Bryce, Tim Reaper & Drumlinezzz, Theory, Response & Pliskin, Dead Man’s Chest himself and more.

The release also features a track from emerging producer Cavanaut, who also featured on the album sampler with ‘Speak To Me’. ‘Vanishing Point’ – premiering below – is a dreamy, luxurious cut of atmospheric jungle that marks a reflective mid-point for what is a sensational compilation.

Pre-order ‘Blunted Breaks Vol. 1’  here.