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Hot young DJ/producer's new single features the legendary Ragga Twins

Charlotte Devaney is a DJ/producer who's very much on the up. This go-getting gal is also an actress who was in Hollywood movie How To Lose Friends & Alienate People a few years ago, and she has a significant part in the film comedy My Horrible Love this year.

A drum & bass fiend originally, she decided to make her way with more of an electro and breakbeat sound, and her new single 'Get Ready 4 Tha Drop' features the legendary Ragga Twins on vocals.

DJ Mag has the premiere of the cheeky, sassy little vid for this wicked track. Watch it here:

Charlotte started off as a dancer before making her way as a DJ and producer. A regular face on the drum & bass scene, she's now broadening her appeal and has already scored some great hook-ups — one being with Snoop Dogg, no less. We thought we'd have a little chat with Charlotte at the same time as premiering her new video...

Hi Charlotte, you're a multi-talented woman – DJing, producing, acting... how do you balance it all?

“Ha ha, I guess I just really love what I do. Entertainment, music and being creative is in my soul, it's a way of life for me rather than a job, so is effortless really!”

How long did it take you to get good at producing?

“It's taken me about five years to get to the stage I'm at now, but I'm still learning all the time!”

You're a drum & bass producer originally, but you don't really make d&b – your tracks are more electro/breakbeat/house. How come?

“Drum & bass will always be my first love. I'm still very much part of the scene and still love the music, however I also love other genres and decided as an artist I was more suited towards electro/breakbeat/house. I also founded and was part of probably the most well-known drum & bass dance troupe ever, so felt I'd leave the d&b ravers with that memory of me and move to pastures new as an artist.”

You've had some amazing hook-ups already – how did the one with Snoop come about?

“I have, and I feel very blessed. The Snoop one came about after I put out a very funny and tongue-in-cheek video for a track I made about four years ago called 'Nice', it got a lot of attention online. Somebody who worked with Snoop saw it and said they thought it was the funniest thing they had ever seen, and would I like to work with Snoop? So after pausing for about half a second, I said YES! The vocals were sent over and the rest is history as they say. 'Flip It' was born, and I haven't really looked back!”

And Fatman Scoop?

“Fatman Scoop came about when I was looking for a feature for my follow-up single to 'Flip It', he had just worked with a friend of mine who connected me with him. I sent him 'Bass Dunk' which he got back and said he loved and wanted to work on. He came over to London and between us we wrote his lyrics. He's a great guy, full of energy and doesn't take himself too seriously — the same as me, so we really got on! 
“He also helped a lot with the UK campaign and really supported the release as well as coming over to feature in the video. We have also done a couple of shows together, with more on the cards soon I hope.”

Your wicked new single 'Get Ready 4 Tha Drop' features legendary MCs the Ragga Twins – how was it working with them?

“Yes!! This track is definitely one of the best tracks I've made, it's just hype! The Ragga Twins are some of my oldest friends in the music industry, I met them a few years ago when I started as a dancer, they are super-kool, humble nice guys. I enjoyed every minute of making the track with them and the video! They are true legends.”

The video's great – it must've been fun piling around Brixton like that...

“The video was really fun to make! Strangely, people in Brixton didn't really bat an eyelid, they are used to seeing nutters walking the streets everyday! The people in the market were looking over, some were dancing and joining in, but most just carried on with their shopping! It was Black Friday as well, so Brixton was really busy that day!

“I always try and inject some fun into everything I do, making people smile is my main objective and I think I have definitely achieved that with this video. I hope you all enjoy it!”

What's next?

“I'm working on more music, more collabs, DJing all over the world, and fingers-crossed there's some big news in the pipeline — so watch this space!"