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Premiere: Deapmash ‘Wrong Meta’

Emerging London techno label THEM serves up a relentless, percussive work from Deapmash – accompanied by a trippy video and psychedelic artwork, ‘Wrong Meta’ is an absolute face melter...

French producer Deapmash drops his Global Network Connections EP today on emerging London label THEM.

A relentless, percussive collection that pulls zero punches, these are tracks for the depth of a dark dancefloor. ‘Wrong Meta’ – premiering below – comes accompanied with a trippy, disorienting video that you can check out below courtesy of Conrad Pack.

Coupled with vibrant psychedelic artwork, Global Network Connections is an impressive EP on a label that we can’t take our ears off at the minute – check out our premiere of Gaunt's 'Don't Trip' from last month for instance. Support has already come from the likes of Manni Dee, Randomer and Clouds, pointing to the tireless energy of the release. Check it out yourself below.

Grab your copy of the EP digital or on a stylish looking 12” here.